The kids and grandkids show up for their regular weekly Sunday dinner —and you completely forgot they were coming.                YES

You want to ask your neighbour about his daughter, who has just finished her freshman year of college. But you can’t remember her name —until later.  YES

You sometimes look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself. It’s the strangest thing.                                                      YES

You always miss the turn to get to the grandkids’ regular soccer field.       NO

You find your glasses in the freezer, your watch in the flowerpot or other objects in strange places.                                        YES

You’re finding it harder to use your smartphone. Apps and functions  you use regularly no longer seem to work, and you can’t figure out  why.    YES

You’ve always made the pies for Thanksgiving dinner, but this year you had to really focus and it took longer than usual.                                 NO

Your spouse tells you that you ask the same questions repeatedly.        YES

Your mother recently passed away after a long illness. You are  sleeping terribly and having trouble remembering everything, from meetings with lawyers to where you put her papers.                            NO

Your daughter comments that you haven’t been remembering things that her children tell you, and she’s not sure if you’re not listening or need your ears   YES